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B2B Social Media

Social Media is a necessary but challenging endeavor. Outsourcing is expensive because, done correctly, it requires many hours of work dedicated to promoting the brand and creating the local, regional, or national reach required.

Start with the basics. Posting in places where an audience recognizes and needs your product or service. Ensure the building blocks to access content are clean, easy to navigate, and, most of all, genuine. Foundational SEO is a process to identify and document all of the tags, titles, and descriptions associated with the content on the website. Once complete, planning the link strategy and understanding the following or no-follow links can offer insights into how to grow an audience. SEM is the process of bringing all elements together to provide an engaging web experience. The same can be said for the search engines that read the content online and attempt to make sense of the organization’s purpose and contributions to the search results.

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