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We build websites for $99 per month, help with social media, newsletters, email, and CRM to track and monitor prospects all for the same $99.


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Bill Benz, Chief Digital Officer -

Carnegie Agency presents...

Why Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing 

These presentations are intended for any businesses interested in pulling back the covers to learn how to take advantage of expanding your approach to Digital Marketing improving your organization of Clients and Prospects.

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Topics include:


  • What is Digital Marketing

  • Why do I need Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Customer Tracking

  • Organization 

  • Reminders 

  • Relevant Follow up

  • Email Newsletters 

  • Instruction and Certifications

Contact us if you are interested in arranging a presentation to your organization or company.  Topics that include Campaigns, Newsletters, Email, Websites, even Digital Marketing strategy.