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About Carnegie Agency

If you like our new website, it might be because we are using the WIX STUDIO platform. 
At Carnegie Agency, we choose the platform based on our client's requirements. We have many clients using Classic Wix for their businesses and organizations serving their needs. With the release of WIX Studio that replaces, or will soon replace, Wix Editor X as a platform, this new platform allows for responsive, design-oriented development of the pixel-perfect website for those organizations that are looking for a more sophisticated feel. 

Carnegie Agency, now in its eighth year of operations, offers our clients a full-service digital marketing agency serving small to medium-sized businesses. We offer a suite of digital marketing solutions and services, charging a reasonable fee for modernized websites with additional services, including creating newsletters, posting Social Media, managing your Google Business profile, and monitoring your online business reviews. A small set-up fee and that's it. No hidden costs or fees.

William R. Benz meeting Avishai Abrahami CEO Wix
William R. Benz meeting Avishai Abrahami CEO Wix

Bill Benz, Owner, and Chief Digital Officer attended a Legend Partners-only meeting in Manhattan in January 2024 for a simulcast from the Wix Development team, followed by an in-person Q&A with Avishai Abrahami, CEO and co-founder at  Carnegie Agency supports most of the web platforms on the market today.


Over the coming months, you will see updates in WIX STUDIO as more of the product is rolled out in Beta and GA Releases. This meeting in New York was eye-opening for me, and Avishai was as transparent as possible, leading a nearly seven-billion-dollar public company. 

The message was clear. Wix is committed to growing the platform and thinking of how best to collect insights from its users. Additionally, the participation from the other attendees was beyond helpful as we discussed the idea of creating a Wix User Group in our local area. Great things to come.


Now, with a number of sites created by Carnegie Agency in the WIX STUDIO platform under our belt, we are confident that we can accommodate the vast majority of web requests.  This platform is accessible to web designers, business professionals, or proprietors aspiring to carve out an online niche; Carnegie Agency, using Wix Studio, offers a professional, responsive website at a reasonable fee. " We are a Marketing Company first, and we believe this tool in our quiver differentiates us from other web development agencies." 

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​Our primary focus in providing custom websites is to enable our clients to express themselves as small businesses, providing them with a comprehensive and affordable solution for establishing a strong online hub that can be used as part of a more comprehensive digital marketing plan. Carnegie Agency empowers local entrepreneurs to establish a professional and effective online presence that helps them connect with their target audience and grow their businesses by focusing on affordability, ease of use, and features tailored to your organization.

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Social Media is a versatile and indispensable tool for small businesses, serving as a cost-efficient marketing platform, a direct communication channel with prospects and customers. Having an active and engaging social media presence gives small businesses a competitive edge by keeping them visible and relevant in the digital landscape.

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Flexible Solutions

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Ideal for clients seeking expert advice on marketing strategy, market analysis, and campaign planning. The agency provides insights and recommendations based on their expertise. Benefits include Flexibility, Cost-Effective Results, Tailored Solutions, and Measurable Results. Hourly packages offered by Carnegie Agency provide a tailored and adaptable solution, allowing clients to access expert assistance for specific marketing tasks without committing to one of our comprehensive, long-term arrangements.

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Carnegie Agency offers services for creating, managing, and maintaining email lists and creating, distributing, and analyzing newsletters, which significantly benefit a small business in many ways.  The combination of well-managed email lists and data-driven newsletter campaigns creates a powerful channel for communication and marketing for small businesses.

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As digital marketers, we spend hours studying current website development trends, distinguishing between annoying fads that impede access to content and meaningful changes that affect the standards we lean on to provide the most engaging online experience.  READ ARTICLE

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