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Friendly Phillipsburg, Participate

Phillipsburg Walking Tour produced by Carnegie Agency


Fun for the whole family. Take a leasurly stroll up to the street starting from Riverview Way parking lot. The tour starts in the parking lot on the pole adjacent to the exit with the first stop of 25 that reads, "Welcome". 

Self-Pace Audio 

Walking Tour of

South Main Street

Union Railroad Station Museum 

Friends of the New Jersey Transportation Heritage Center on the Station, which is currently undergoing extensive restoration. The first floor is complete and when finished, tThe historic station will be used as a combination museum, archive facility, and community center.

Unique space   

Railroad Artifacts  

Union Train Station Phillipsburg
Phillipsburg Farmers Market logo


Summer @Shappell Park Sundays 10-2
Winter @163-5 S Main St Sundays 10-1
Phillipsburg NJ Rain Shine

Merchants of all types

special local vendors

Porkroll Palooza Phillipsburg


Pick your season because there is something to do every season of the year. Plan on attending our family events with lots of activities for the kids with games and surprises to tire out even the most energetic of them all. 

Plan a visit

Railroads, PorkRoll & Old Towne Festivals

Carnegie Agency Vision

Carnegie Agency's vision of charging a fair price that benefits clients while actively contributing to community development is noteworthy and reflects our strong commitment to ethical business practices and social responsibility. Here's a breakdown of how this vision aligns with positive outcomes for both clients and communities.

Single-minded, Client-Centric Approach, always Fair Pricing: Offering reasonable prices based on the cost of service to clients demonstrates integrity and transparency. We build trust and foster long-term relationships as clients recognize the value they receive for their investment.

Client Benefits: By focusing on providing value, Carnegie Agency ensures that our clients receive quality services that align with their needs and goals. This commitment to client success contributes to positive client experiences and satisfaction and is paired with Social Responsibility and Community Development.

Local Engagement is critical: Actively engaging in community events and activities where Carnegie Agency operates demonstrates a commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. This involvement fosters a sense of connection with our local community and leads to Community Development Initiatives. 

Our goal is to build stronger communities by actively participating in sustainable community development. Carnegie Agency promotes positive change through volunteering, sponsorships, and collaborative projects. Our agency plays a role in building stronger, more vibrant communities.

Carnegie Agency's vision aligns with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. This approach benefits the local communities served and enhances the agency's reputation as a socially conscious and responsible business over the long term.


Employees at Carnegie Agency feel proud and motivated to work for a company that prioritizes ethical business practices and community development before profits. This positive work environment contributes to higher employee retention and engagement. 

Carnegie Agency's practice of charging fair prices, benefiting clients, and giving back to communities reflects a holistic approach to business that considers the well-being of both clients and the larger society. This commitment contributes to positive client relationships and plays a crucial role in building stronger and more resilient communities.

Take the Phillipsburg History Quiz!

Services offered by Carnegie Agency provide tangible activities we measure to help extend your online reach. We explain why and can dig into how if you are interested. Our best clients are busy and successful and understand the value of persistent messaging to keep you top of mind. 

Community Engagement

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